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Virginia Dog Behavior Training

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The Solution To Your Dog's Behavior Problems
Our Virginia in-home training programs will help you solve your dog behavior problems,
often on the first visit.
A Canine Dimensions certified dog trainer will come to your home, evaluate your dog
and work with you to determine what's causing your dog behavior problems.  Next,
we will develop a plan of action to help correct these problems.
We start by focusing on two key areas:
1. Communication
2. Pack Structure

Dog Communication Problems

Often what we humans interpret as behavior problems in our dogs can more accurately
be defined as dog communication problems.
Dogs communicate with each other using thousands of different signals that have been
inherited from their ancestors, wolves. We don’t speak this language so dog
communication problems can arise.
For example, you command your dog “down” in a stern voice. He detects that you are angry
and sends you a signal of submission in an attempt to calm you. That signal is that he gets
down VERY SLOWLY. But you misinterpret this slow movement as defiance, and angrily
correct him for not getting down fast enough. Now he’s totally confused!

Pack Structure

There is a hierarchy among social animals. Some behavior problems are symptoms
of an underlying problem with the dog’s perception of his place in the family.
Unfortunately, some owners who have heard or read about pack structure will assume that their dogs are trying to “dominate them” when their dogs
misbehave. These owners will react by attempting to physically “dominate” their dogs, which can only make behavior problems worse. Doing things like
pinning a dog down, rolling a dog over on its back, kicking, poking or hitting a dog, can break down the human-dog relationship and can trigger fearful or
aggressive behavior.
Dogs who have been subjected to harsh training tactics like these will often bite defensively. In some instances, a dog will become very submissive to ONE
member of the family but will learn (as a result of physical punishment by his owner) that he must behave aggressively toward other members of the family.
A healthy pack structure, where the dog respects the leadership of the human family and learns to defer to human authority, is an important part of a healthy
dog-owner relationship. But contrary to what we see on popular TV shows, the vast majority of dog behavior problems have little to do with “dominance.”
Fortunately, we have excellent counter conditioning protocols which can help repair the damage done by previous abuse and harsh training methods. Even
dogs with genetic temperament flaws, inability to read social signals and inadequate early socialization can be helped in the Canine Dimensions training
program. A Canine Dimensions certified behavior consultant will come to your home, conduct a thorough evaluation of your dog and develop a precise plan of
action to address each problem area.
It’s never too late! Any dog can be trained!

It's Never Too Late!

Owners can learn how to "read" their dogs, how to build a strong bond of trust and loyalty in their dogs, and how to behave in ways that communicate
leadership without resorting to violence. We can also explain how the family can avoid conducting themselves in ways that can send the wrong messages to
their dogs.
Pulling on the leash

If Your Dog Does This ..

Destructive chewing and digging
Aggression to family members
(including growling or biting to
protect food, toys, etc.)
Housebreaking problems
Excessive barking
Aggression to other dogs
Darting out doorways
Jumping on people
Climbing all over furniture
Stealing food
Resource guarding
Not following other commands,
like sit, stay, heel, drop it
Not coming when called
Shyness and nervousness
Separation anxiety
Crying out when crated
Submissive urination, marking
and other inappropriate elimination
Yard escaping

.. We Can Help!

Every day, dogs are turned in to local shelters by frustrated owners who desperately would like to keep them but can no longer deal with behavior problems.
Many of these problems could have been solved quickly and easily with the right approach.
If your best friend is driving you crazy, we can help. Our programs can help transform your dog into the perfect pet.
If you would like more information about one of our dog training or behavior modification programs, please contact us.  We offer in-home dog and puppy
training programs designed to solve ALL household obedience problems!